The Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Decision:

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The Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Decision: The Role of the Healthcare Provider

The Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Decision: The Role of the Healthcare Provider
Thesis statement: Healthcare providers should educate the parents of 11-12 year old boys and girls about human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and the HPV vaccine because HPV infection is prevalent and the chance of an adolescent being infected is high, persistent infection with the high-risk types 16 and 18 can cause serious health problems, and in order to assure effectiveness, the vaccine must be administered prior to contact with the virus.
Introduction: Though it had been suspected for some time, in 1999 research concluded that virtually all incidences
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(Display and explain visual aide using script) C. Women 17,000 cancers per year. 1. Cervix 2. Vagina 3. Vulva D. Men 11,000 cancers per year. 1. Penis 2. Young men are at increased risk because they often have more partners 3. Are at increased as they are not routinely screened for disease, and they may not have any symptoms of infection (Jones & Cook, 2008). E. Cancers affecting both male and female: 1. Anus 2. Oropharynx: a) Causes up to 35% of all oropharyngeal cancers. b) These are most common on men. c) This is a new phenomenon and has been called “epidemic” (Ramqvist and Dalianis, 2010). d) From 1998 to 2003, the incidence rates for HPV-associated cancers of the tonsils and tongue increased 3.0% per year, while non-HPV cancers of the mouth and throat decreased during this time (Ramqvist and Dalianis, 2010).
IV. Vaccine effectiveness: A. Vaccination: 100% effective against infection with 6, 11, 16, and 18 if administered prior to exposure to the viruses (Dempsey & Davis, 2006). B. Because the virus is so prevalent and intercourse is not needed for transmission, the best time to administer it is well before the average age of puberty (Gamble et al., 2010).
V. Conclusion: In summary, because the vaccine is not mandatory, either parents or the physician must initiate the discussion of
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