The Human Race 's Progression Essay

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As the world progresses in different ways concerning technology, resources, and more, most people question if the human race’s evolution and the world 's progression is acting in an inverse relationship. As the world becomes more advanced and fast paced- most people never have a chance to catch up with the ever-lasting progression. In order to stay on top of things, more and more people decide to indulge in a technique known to many as “multi-tasking”. Multi-tasking is the act of taking on more than one activity at once with the mindset of accomplishing both around the same time. Although multi-tasking might allow you to finish things more quickly, the end product for the things will not be up to par compared to the idea if you had worked separately on the tasks. Multi-tasking not only hinders the end product of the work- but it also hinders our brain, and our processing methods. Attempting to balance numerous things will push your brain to the limits, and hurt its progress in the long run rather than improve it. Multi-tasking is the epitome of working to no end- we will keep working, but there will be no end due to the effects it has on the mind. Multi-tasking in today’s time is now effecting todays generation more harshly than ever before. The effects of multi-tasking are prevalent in their school work. Multi-tasking is effecting the outcomes of tests, homeworks, and how fast students process things in the school environment. It’s effecting students socially, academically

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