The Hunger GamesLike A Festivity In The Hunger Games

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It is shocking to see how the Capitol expects the Districts to treat the ‘Hunger Games’ like a festivity, so that they can enjoy the suffering of the tributes as pure entertainment, while being tortuous for the Districts that have to comply. This is illustrated quite well when Katniss says that ‘To make it humiliating as well as tortuous, the Capitol requires us to treat the Hunger Games as a festivity, a sporting event pitting every Districts against the others …’ For the residences in the Capitol ‘The Hunger Games’ itself is an annual event that provides them with a highly-anticipated source of entertainment to pass time and the cause to celebrate. Citizens gamble on the tributes and sponsor their favourites in the arena. The Districts understand that they are more likely to survive if they are seemingly compliant with the laws and the retractions that the Capitol puts on them. District 12 along with other districts comply with the Laws that the Capitol reinforces. Not only are the Districts required to comply but they have to look like and pretend that they’re agreeable to the punishment of having to sacrifice 2 of their young people from each District, every year and then act as if it is a major celebration rather than a tortuous punishment they have to endure year after year. People are addicted to watching the suffering of others, especially those in the Capitol. They love that all of the violence, the bloodshed and the struggle to stay alive is real. They like the
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