The Hunter Manufacturing Company Is Currently The Primary

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The Hunter Manufacturing Company is currently the primary supplier of tent and truck heaters for the United States military ( Founded in 1937, the company’s relationship with the U.S. government initiated during World War II, when Hunter provided portable, clean, and safe heating systems to the U.S. troops. Over the years, the Hunter manufacturing and the U.S. Government continued its relationship, and after the events of September 11, 2001, it became necessary to quickly deploy troops causing an increase in the need for mobilized heating units. Hunter Manufacturing was called in to meet this increased demand. During this time, Hunter made the decision to purchase two companies—the supplier which made the tents to house …show more content…

The second requirement was the ERP should support rapid business growth, especially with a company such as Hunter Manufacturing whom had recently acquired two business units. It is only logical to plan for future growth whether organically or through purchases of additional suppliers. In addition, the selected ERP solution should provide a common business solution across multiple and diverse product lines enabling faster communication and collaboration among all departments. Next, it is necessary the ERP be able to facilitate a rapid and smooth integration of multiple business units. This is important because it allows an organization to manage and automate the essential functions of all units within the company. This function integrates key business processes into one system allowing Hunter manufacturing the ability to increase efficiency and eliminate any barriers between business units. This capability gives management the big picture status of the whole company allowing for better management decisions and more efficient operations both now and in the future ( In addition, the EPR should be able to integrate operational data across all departments making it easier to track workflow. It was essential the ERP selected meet the requirement to streamline and

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