The Hurricane Katrina Disaster And The Bp Oil Spill Tragedy

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This essay relates ethical behavior in high-profile events, as well as examining various regulatory and sustainability market approaches to business environmental responsibilities. The paper focuses on two major occurrences; the Hurricane Katrina disaster and the BP oil spill tragedy.

Hurricane Katrina entered into records as one of the worst disasters ever to hit the US, the storm is considered as the most disastrous and damaging in the US history in 2005. Well over 1800 people died in the hurricane disaster and the floods that followed the storm. Total assets believed to have been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina valued at over $80 billion USD. In such demanding times, the
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Some factors give inspiration to leaders such as rationality, personality, and general administration. The decisions made by leaders were dependent of various political grounds of the affected areas by the storm while handling the disaster. The ethical approach has several ethical sides from which a leader ought to demure away. These includes favoritism, lying, bribery, personal gain and coproducing the physical environment. All leaders that intend to be seriously involved must consider all the ethical procedures aftermaths from the mentioned vices and ensure none of them are reported. Ethical consideration played a huge role while making the decision for the critical moments of disaster management during Hurricane Katrina. Comprehensive analysis of the efficiency and ethical response reveal a lack of preparation to respond to this kind of disaster. The BP oil spill that happened in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010 is the worst oil spill. The initial claim by BP oil was that 5000 barrels of oil were being liberated into the water, although they were saying not having any efficient method to measure the spill. However, other analysis firms have estimated about 54000 and 84000 barrels of oil were discharged per day into the water; the figures were widely supported and supported. Before proper measure was taken to seal up the discharge, the spill had lasted fro 87 days. Over 4 million barrels of oil were discharged into the Gulf of Mexico. In some
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