The I Have No Idea

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“I have no idea” he explained, his brows furrowed showing he was deep in thought. Isabelle suddenly found the ground very interesting as she cast her eyes down. She did not know if it was fear or because she was indeed human and a very handsome, although a bit harsh man stood very close to her.
She led him up the rocks, their proximity caused the caring woman to notice how we walked with a slight limp and winced every time he leaned over. The repairs needed would have to wait, not that she had a choice. The stranger had a gun for God’s sake. It was not a long walk to the cottage and they arrived shortly. Isabelle pushed open the door, turning to look at Blue Eyes just standing outside the entrance as he observed the house cautiously. She tried her best and offered what she hoped was a reassuring smile “It’s just me here, I swear it,” Isabelle informed him.
He raised a skeptical blond eyebrow, but eventually nodded and entered the place. Isabelle led him into the kitchen. She set a pot of tea on the stove to boil and motioned for him to have a seat. He did, and rested the gun on the kitchen table. “Could you please put that away, I have no weapons here. No one checks on me either. I can assure you the gun is not necessary, I am not planning to attack you,” she explained softly.
The English woman was met by silence, but with skepticism, he did put the gun away and of course he glared at her in the process. Isabelle wondered how did someone with such soft features act the way
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