The Ideal Government And Jean Jacques Rousseau And Lao Tzu

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Many philosophers, although they have passed away left their ideology on an ideal government. On what the purposes of a government is and what should and shouldn’t they do. I believe the proper roles of government on the lives of the people, should be to establish laws, policies and vote equally while the people agree. Among the many, Jean Jacques Rousseau and Lao Tzu wrote on their beliefs on how the government should be done accordingly. Rousseau on what strengths a king should attest to. Tzu on how a government should behave towards war and violence. The Government’s function of establishing laws and policies, like Minimum wage and the Electoral College by allowing the citizens to vote and agree.
Rousseau elaborates on what a king or president should do for his people, on what strength and weakness should be accomplished. For example “the strongest is never strong enough to be always the master, unless he transforms strength in right, and obedience to duty” (Rousseau, pg.104). Rousseau explains the irony of this statement. He describes how strength should be exactly what people need in a leader, not someone weak or short sighted. It’s just that though, a good leader should be able to turn his strengths into greatness, respectfulness and worthiness. Their leader shouldn’t coerce the people by obedience but duty. Tzu reflects on the government ruler as Masters. He establishes different behaviors and conducts that are of a duty as a Master to the people. He specifically

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