The Identity Is Essential For Identity Essay

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In individuals’ whole life, they keep thinking about their identities. Questions like what the identity means to them, how to perform their identity, does the identity is important to them, and how social mainstream values their identity, is essential for them to have a precise personal image of themselves. A part of individuals’ identity comes from heredity and ethnics, while a part of identity is formed through influence from parents and peers, personal choice, and life experiences. Although others tend to know a person by physical appearance, culture background, professional life, and personality which have apparently social meaning, individuals learn about themselves by combining their beliefs, personal preference, and life trajectory with self and culture definition of their identity. Solomon in his essay “Son”, describes his personal experience of being gay that contains his mother’s disagreement, his own hesitance to keep homosexuality, his teachers’ supports, and different social attitudes to homosexuality. His attention and thoughts are concentrated on social acceptance and social values on his identity. Differently, in “The Mind’s Eye”, Sacks takes several examples of blind people to show how they deal with their blindness by making use of personal strengths to sense the outside world. Their mental image not only shows their understanding of their perception but also expresses their personalities and interests. Both authors argue about how personal thoughts and

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