The Identity Of A Country Like The United States Of America

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In a country like The United States of America, we live amongst a diverse number of people with unique identities. Our identity defines us, makes us who we are and who we want to become. Identity is built up from many different aspects, language playing a very big part . Language is what drives us to slowly create ourselves, our identity. The language we speak educationally, professionally, and culturally helps people discover who they are. The way we annunciate and use vocabulary expresses where we come from and how articulate we are. Identity is the means to feel free to explore and find the uniqueness of ones own self by the usage of communication. Communication assists us in being able to speak out and find out who and what we want…show more content…
When people from around the world communicate with others, you may notice that they might have some sort of an accent. Some have a fairly heavy accent, others not so much. At times, by the way someone sounds as they speak, you can determine what their nationality is. Being raised in a home where your parents spoke with an accent, more often than not, you obtain the accent as well. It then becomes part of the type of person you will become. Some also may use different versions of words to represent an object or other things. Even though these three countries speak english, Americans tend to say sidewalk, British people say pavement, and Australians say footpath. We all interpret the same meaning, but in different words. We all speak in different accents and use words that we are accustomed to using, we make this a part of our daily lives, which then becomes part of our identity. In the reading “Mother Tongue”, Amy Tan exclaims “That was the language that helped shape the way I saw things, express things, made sense to the world” (208). This essay written by Tan was about her mother being unable to speak standard english. Her mother did indeed speak english, however but to Tan and others, it was known as “broken” english. Tan’s mother did not know how to combine the proper
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