The Iliad Book One

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With even a slight exposure to ancient Greek texts, it could be easily said that the gods and goddesses played an important part in the traditional Greek culture. In ancient Greek literary works, such as poetry, songs, and dramas, it was written that the gods interfered in the everyday life of people, predicted people’s fate, and meddled with people’s futures. The gods and goddesses played a crucial role within their worlds. In The Iliad book one, the gods are a significant part of the poem. The gods intervene in the life of the mortals, engineering the mortal’s fate. The Greek gods showed both remorse and anger towards the mortals. The deeds of the people are watched over by the gods from Olympus. As Agamemnon, the king of Mycenae,…show more content…
Carrying out this request, Zeus will be shaping the fate of the Trojans and Achaeans. The war will have a definite outcome unlike if the gods do not interfere. But as Zeus is the god of all gods he has the right to change the course of things as he pleases. Seeing that Thetis had to ask Zeus to carry out Achilles’ request, it seems to me that Zeus is the only god who is able to make drastic decisions while other gods have to bring the request to him before making decisions. Having a definite outcome of a situation is something that is far beyond any mortals’ control. With the help of the gods the Trojans will win the war even if they do not deserved it. Achilles was the only mortal, or half mortal - half god, to see any of the gods and interact with them. But Achilles was not the only one who has received help from the divine rule. Chryses has received help in getting his daughter back. Odysseus, after returning Chryseis to her father and bringing offerings for the gods, has received help getting back home from Chryse. “Far - shooting Apollo sent them favorable winds” (Homer, The Iliad, 535). As Apollo Chryses and Odysseus show the interaction between gods and mortals, but the interaction is not a direct interaction. They never see the gods themselves but they are believed to get help from them. The gods play a crucial role in the lives of
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