The Illusion Of Time?

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McKenna Young
Mrs. Lazarski
English 4
22 November 2015
The Illusion of Time No scientific experiment has ever been done or could be done to prove that time exists. One would say that time is real since it is everywhere, but is what is experienced as time really time? Physics, neurology, and psychology would say no.
Many physicists believe time does not exist. Einstein proved through the theory of relativity that time is not an absolute quantity(Jones). Things do not change because of time; time passes on. Change occurs internally. Meaning things change themselves. Humans use time as a measurement of the perpetual change. People say time is not real because clocks exist, but clocks are just rhythmic objects(Lanza). The rhythmic ticking of clocks to measure events that occur, such as, day, night, and the rotation of the sun are used to make sense of life(Lanza). Since these devices exist in our everyday life it becomes difficult for people to grasp the concept that time is not real(Lanza). This moment right now is what is believed to be present, but when the sentence ends the moment is gone. The “now” never stops(Callender). So how could time have a flow if you can not pinpoint an exact moment? The past is just a memory; the future is yet to happen. Not every moment is perceived the same by another person(Meijer). Our brains and mindsets are not identical. The brain never makes contact with the outside world, yet it creates a story about what is going on around

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