The Image Of Community Nursing : Implications For Future Student Nurse Recruitment

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A critique is a detailed analysis and assessment of something. It is important to critique a research paper because publication does not mean quality. The title ‘the image of community nursing: implications for future student nurse recruitment’ (Norman, 2015) efficiently outlined the main context of the research paper which is the perception that young people have on Nursing as a career, this is mentioned in the introduction at the beginning of the paper as well as in the title, which displays to the reader straight away the topic of the paper its self. However, it did not state in the title that the perception is based on that of younger people. The second part of the title states that the research is surrounding what implication the perception will have on future student nurses and the ability to recruit them. Within the research paper it includes the mention that there is the issue of the fact that young people are not pursuing careers in nursing due to the perception surrounding it which is that nursing is valued as a lower skilled job below that of a doctor and that you do not need many qualifications to become a nurse. This stigma is implicating the recruitment of student nurses due to the mass decrease in students training in this field. The information is clearly highlighted in the title in bold across the top of the paper, which includes the key topic of the paper. The title is therefore appropriate in regards to the subject studied.
The study was carried out by Dr

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