The Image of Women in Sports Today Essay

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The Image of Women in Sports Today

We live in a world that changes quickly, so it's no terrible surprise that the image of women in sports is changing quickly, as well. Relatively, it hasn't been that long since women were not even socially permitted to participate in sports or any kind of physical activity-- now, I dare say, it's nearly expected. There are still remnants of past gender-types, but overall I think the image of women in sports has changed dramatically.

It used to be that women were not allowed to participate in sports-- beyond just being seen as unbecoming and unfeminine, it was actually believed that physical activity would harm a woman's reproductive system. Men did not think that women should or could do the same
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Despite all the progress we have made, a woman still has to do more to get the same amount of respect that a man is given automatically.

Another aspect that has remained part of the image of women in sports is the element of being... well, pretty. More than anything, I see this as a holdover from the days when women had to prove that they could play sports and still be feminine, to-- I'm not sure what. Assuage fears that by playing sports, they were somehow going to be turned into men? At any rate, women weren't allowed to be anything except perfect, even while playing sports. They had to not sweat, not get tired, and always still look fresh and beautiful. Even to this day, the female athletes who do best in the media are not necessarily the ones who actually play at the highest level, but the ones who look the best. This is true even outside of 'performance' sports like ice-skating, where it is, to a certain degree, understandable that it's important for the ice-skaters to be attractive. The same is true of male athletes-- ugly male athletes don't grace the front of a Kellogg's box-- but not nearly to the same extent.

Another aspect of how women are portrayed in sports, today, is how closely the idea of female athletes have become tied to the idea of strong
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