The Imaging Of Wrist And Hand

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Hi everyone, For this week 's post is regarding the imaging of wrist and hand. First, diagnostic imaging is a fundamental element of clinical examination of the wrist and hand for possible injury or trauma. Due to the complexity of the anatomy of the wrist and hand, it 's hard to diagnose a true pathology of the wrist and hand. However, an individual suffers from their activities of daily living, missed work or sports due to early restrictions of hand/wrist motion (provided and prescribed by medical practitioners) due to the unconfirmed diagnosis of wrist pathology, such as scaphoid waist fracture. A scaphoid bone is the largest bone at the upper portion of the carpal bones and plays a significant role in the articulation of the…show more content…
The study performed by Ty et al. (2007) is reliable although the sample size is very small because of the valid methods and criteria used includes (1)the proper procedures for using CT of twenty-eight eligible participants, (2) patients with status post injury fro a fall on the outstretched hand with pain and tenderness of the scaphoid region, (3) the X-ray image performed after six weeks or more from injury for possible scaphoid fracture is unremarkable, (4) diagnostic traits ( sensitivity, specificity, negative and positive predictive values (PV) and the accuracy of CT for possible fracture of the waist of scaphoid and (5) by comparing into two different studies of using CT scan non-displaced scaphoid fractures. After Ty et, al (2007) compared their study by performing two trials, the outcome of the research of the CT scan of the patients with a non-displaced fracture is significant between 89-97 percent for the sensitivity, 85 to 91 percent for the specificity and 88 to 89 percent for the accuracy. The average PPV of the very low prevalence (5%) of scaphoid fracture of patients with possible scaphoid fractures using CT scan of the wrist is 0.28 and 0.99 for the negative PV. Therefore, CT scan is an important modality in detecting an actual fracture of the waist of the scaphoid, or
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