The Immigration System Of The United States

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America is a country that is constantly growing in size and population. Each day many immigrants travel into the United States from many different countries, whether it be for work or social reasons. However, the immigration system leaves many who are not among the lucky finding their way legally across the border left with no choice but to either stay put, or illegally come into United States territory. With the increase of immigration around the world, and the upcoming political debates, this issue has become more controversial as time goes on. Along with all of the attention with the issue comes many different positions and viewpoints toward the subject. There is that of major emphasis on border security, claiming that the reason for a mass of illegal immigration is due to holes in the border, as the lead runner for the Republican Party, Donald Trump argue that the answer to the problem is to “ship them out, put up a great big wall, and allow those that are deserving back in.” Another position is to focus on the immigration policy itself, arguing that the reason people illegally come into America is due to the broken system. Finally, the last position will be a position overlooked many times, and that is from the point of view of an immigrant who has gone through the process and dealt with it first hand. Here, at UTA, the students have the opportunity to attend one of the most diverse schools in the nation, where many students have come from foreign countries and have

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