The Impact Of Adventist Health Systems On Health Care Services Essay

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In 1866 the Seven-day Adventist Church in Battle Creek, Michigan established a private nonprofit healthcare program. This program starting expanding in 12 different states, in 1973 the Seven-day Adventist church founded Adventist Health System in order to support and strengthen all faith based Seven-day Adventist health care organizations in the United States under one mission statement of “Extending the healing ministry of Christ.” Adventist Health Systems is currently compromised of 46 hospital campuses, skilled nursing facilities, home health and hospice, urgent care centers and around 82,000 employees in the states of Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Michigan, Kentucky, Colorado, Tennessee, Wisconsin, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Kansas (Adventist Health System, 2016). Adventist Health Systems is committed to be a national leader in health care quality, safety, and patient satisfaction to the 4.7 million patients who visit them annually. It is ensured to provide each patient that seeks health care services a whole-person health experience, not only providing health care services but also providing a blueprint for healthy living called CREATION Health. Each letter in CREATION has a meaning bases on the principle of the story of creation in the Bible. C stands for Choice, R stands for Rest, E stands for Environment, A stands for Activity, T stands for Trust, I stands for Interpersonal relationships, O stands for Outlook, and N stands for Nutrition.

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