The Impact Of Bipolar Disorder On The Development Of Self

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I found the article, “I Actually Don’t Know Who I am”: The Impact of Bipolar Disorder on the Development of Self” (2008), by Inder, M., Corwoe., M.,T., Moor, S., Luty, S. E., Carter, J.D., and Joyce, P. R to be very interesting and very much needed. The research explored how one’s sense of self is impacted by the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder (BD) at an early age. As seen in the study, the diagnosis had a major impact on the participant’s sense of identity and self worth. There was four major problem areas that were identified; “Confusion, contradiction, self-doubt, and self-acceptance” Inder, et al (2008). All of the participants in the study have indicated that these four critical areas were impacted as a result of being labeled with …show more content…

However, what I did not realize at that time was that I was in the stage of substance abuse and experimenting. I ended up in this treatment center for rebellious behaviors after my parents divorced and other social stressors. My single mother couldn’t handle me at the time and sent me away via an Incorrigibility petition. I was admitted to an adolescent treatment center, where I resided for ten months at the age of 15. It was here where I was convinced that I was an “addict”, a label that I carried proudly for many years. While I do not regret my 18 years of “recovery” and I learned many valuable lessons, principles, and “a new way of life”, I do not believe that a teenager should be exposed to some of the things that I was exposed to. In terms of professionally, I now see how my own experience of being labeled, as well as some of my patient’s experience has negatively impacted them. I make it very clear in group therapy, that they do not need to identify themselves as an “addict, alcoholic, junkie, cross-addicted, depressed, bipolar, crazy” or whatever other labels they attach to themselves. I have come to understand that these labels, while practical in some settings, are more detrimental and I think they keep people stuck in a pattern of

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