The Impact Of Grades On The Future

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Why Grades Matter: The Impact of Grades on the Future
Grades are immensely significant; in a sense they are literally worth money. This is evident by an analysis conduced in 2014 by ebay Deals which calculated how much extra money can be made over a college graduate’s lifetime based on different degrees, class rank, and individual grades (Kane, Libby). Using the median annual salary for professionals at different levels of academic achievement, the data concludes that a college graduate will earn about $25,000 for every C or D, and about $42,000 for every A or B (Kane, Libby). This data suggests a notable relationship between grades and income, meaning an abundance of A’s are not just superior in school, but could mean the person scoring those grades has the proper skills to excel in their field of work and have higher earning potential than someone who settles for lower grades. Furthermore, there are statistics that exhibit a strong correlation between high school GPA and income. Michael T. French, director of the health economics research group at the University of Miami, states “A one-unit increase in your GPA has a very sizable impact on your education and earnings,” (A&S:News Archive). A team of researchers led by French conducted a study, which found that a one-point increase in a person 's high school GPA raises annual earnings in adulthood by about 12 percent for men and about 14 percent for women (A&S:News Archive). The findings also show that people with better

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