The Impact Of Gunpowder

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Everyone knows what a gun is right? But do you REALLY know the impact that gunpowder has caused? Gunpowder has been around for centuries, over millennium. How has gunpowder effected Warfare, and life as we know it? You would never think about how gunpowder may have affected the existence of the electronic device you’re using right now. But its effects are longer lasting than one might have ever thought. The smart phone in your pocket? It exists because of the Industrial revolution, which was powered by gunpowder. The Car you drive, the toaster in your kitchen? All powered by gunpowder. Now let’s start off from the beginning of the discovery of gunpowder. In the early 900’s it was discovered on accident. (5) Gunpowder was found originally in China, some Taoist monks were trying as hard as they could to find a way to make an immortality potion. They found out how it blew up if dropped or was set on fire, it was put to use against the invading Mongols by the existing Song Dynasty in China right away. The first recorded use of Gunpowder was when the Chinese strapped a tube filled with Gunpowder to arrows; they then lit these arrows on fire and shot them at the invading Mongolians. (5) They were extremely effective at scaring the Mongols away. It would be comparison to scaring a newborn child with a popped balloon. The reaction you get from them is similar to how a person would react if they never knew what gunpowder was. Soon after that, the Chinese tried to put the
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