The Impact Of Hallyu On Korean Plastic Surgery Industry

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Hallyu or “Korean Wave” is the term that first introduced by Beijing journalist in the mid-1990s. This term is associated with the widespread of the popularity of “all things Korean” beyond the border of Korea (Lie 2012), especially to Asian countries and even non-Asian countries such as North and South American, Middle East and Europe. The “all things Korean” are inclusive of soap opera (also known as television drama), film, music, fashion, cuisine and other elements. However, there are some widespread cultures have sparked controversial debates, noticeably the issues bound to plastic surgery. Nevertheless, in this essay, I am not going to debate the controversial issues, instead I am going to discuss on how Hallyu has impacted the…show more content…
The culture of acceptance based on appearances is applied to almost every aspect of daily life such as employment, education and others. For instance, in employment sector, candidate is obligated to attach a valid photo ID in his or her resume for job application. The attached photo will facilitate the selection process as employer will choose potential employees based on their appearance first and undoubtedly, those who have attractive physical appearances will get the advantage, meanwhile those who not, will be rejected in the first place. This continuous practice will create inequality in society, but at the same time, it facilitates to boost the plastic surgery industry as the demand for plastic surgery increase dramatically. People will either voluntarily or involuntarily undergo plastic surgery in order to improve their beauty, so that they will not be marginalized and have the chance to grab every opportunity that exists in the society. Initially, Korean society has condemning plastic surgery as an alternative to improve beauty. However, as time passes by, plastic surgery has been accepted as a norm in Korean society and it can be said that almost every Korean has undergone it at least once. According to the statistic of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), by 2005, it is estimated that approximately 20,000 per 100,000 of general population in South Korea has undergone plastic surgery

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