The Impact Of Internet On Consumer Shopping Habits

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After speaking with Nick Harrison, it was clear that this trend is and will be sustainable. Nick states, “In short, location-based marketing is NOT a fad, NOT a trend, and IS going to become way more relevant as a tool in a marketer 's arsenal. It isn 't a question of if - it 's a question of when and how”. The rapid increase of technological advances and society’s connection to the “online” world will only continue to grow. This being said, location-based marketing is a trend that is here to stay and will continue to make an impact on consumers shopping habits. To go into further detail, five specific reasons will be discussed.

Penetration of smartphones + usage

It’s no surprise that over the years, the percentage of individuals owning a smartphone has grown. In 2014, 55% of Canadians owned a smartphone. Jump to 2015, the penetration grew by 24% to an overall percentage of 68% (see Appendix I). This drastic increase in smartphone owners is significant as it shows how quickly the mobile revolution is progressing. A majority of smartphone users use location-based services. Despite concerns about safety and use of personal information, 58% of consumers still use this feature (Business Wire, 2016). This number continues to grow over the years as nearly one-third of consumers use location-based applications more than they did the previous year.

Growth rates in adoption for brands (stat) - data, pushing in-store traffic

Location based technology will become much more
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