The Impact Of Jesus Christ On The Cross

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The cross of Jesus Christ is meaningful to our Christians’ life, especially to our healing to be exact. The cross not only effects human damages and hurts, but also becomes path to healing. If there is no cross of Jesus Christ, the world would have never had an opportunity to be restored or renewed or reunited with God. As a Christian, we often hear and are encouraged to bring our burdens, hurts and worries to the cross. It is such a complicated and abstract concept to understand why and how to bring those negative feelings and hurts to the cross. The book ‘Bring our hurts to the Cross’ clearly explains the relationship between the cross and healing.
Jesus Christ died on the cross and he personally experienced the full range of human suffering such as shame, injustice, physical pain, hunger, and confusion. His death was made by God, and derived from the Father’s love for human. God loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, who is born in a human body and crucified to forgive our sins. Jesus is able to identify with us when we are suffering since he first suffered on the cross. Dr. Seamands says “On the Cross, Jesus bore not only his own suffering, but, in some mysterious way, yours, mine and the suffering of the whole world as well.” (Wounds that heal, 17) Ultimate purpose of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross is to bring salvation to the whole nation as well as personal healing in body, mind and soul.
Human deals with all different kinds of emotion. Some
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