Were Anglo-Saxons Prepared To Accept The Viewpoints Of

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Were Anglo-Saxons prepared to accept the viewpoints of Roman missionaries? Old English poetry was highly influenced by religious writings and ideas. The Dream of the Rood is believed to be the most prestige Anglo-Saxon religious poem yet the exact date of composition and author is unknown (Greenblatt). Passages from the poem are carved into the Ruthwell Cross, located in Scotland but may have been added at a later date. Despite differences in biblical accounts, The Dream of the Rood encompasses religious beliefs by using point of view, symbolism, and personification to appeal to the interests of Anglo-Saxons. The Cross has a variety of symbolic and religious meanings that can be interpreted from a Pagan viewpoint and Christian viewpoint, …show more content…

“Attend to what I intend to tell you, a marvelous dream that moved me at night I espied the most splendid tree covered with gold; gemstones gleamed...beneath the gold it had begun bleeding” (The Dream of the Rood 33, lines 1-19). The Dreamer 's viewpoint in the poem is important as he is now to recount the event that occurred, sharing and spreading the word of the Lord for all to hear. The Cross’s narration is what explains in great detail the Crucifixion of Christ. He recalls how he was cut down in the forest then taken by “powerful enemies” (The Dream of the Rood 33, line 30) and set up on a mountain where he describes his sincere emotions as he realizes what he will be used for. Though he was trembling in fear and was driven with nails he could not do anything except for stand there “moistened all over with his (Christ’s) blood (The Dream of the Rood 34, line 48). “Then the warriors left me there standing, blood all over me, pierced everywhere with arrows. They laid him there, limb-wearied; they stood at the head of his lifeless body” (The Dream of the Rood 34, lines 61-64). Through this, the Rood’s decoction becomes highly honored through his experience and commands the Dreamer to repent what he has seen and heard. Transitioning to symbolism, The Cross upholds the values of hope and strength. To fully understand the symbolic importance of the cross, we must analyze it as its original state; a

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