The Impact Of Law On White Collar Criminals Essay

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The use of theories in explaining the various phenomena in society has always found sufficient backing not only in history but also in contemporary global affairs. Notably, both positivists and constructivist theories play a role in depicting variants in societal behavior. There are many deviant acts that are considered criminal or non-criminal behavior. White- collar crimes are considered a form of deviant behavior. These crimes rank among the various forms of crime existing within the context of society. According to Fredericks, McComas and Weatherby (2016), white-collar crime encompasses the nonviolent criminal activities committed for monetary gain within the financial situations. Therefore, as part of the criminal realms, white-collar crimes have a likely reason and course leading to the occurrence in the business and commercial world. Functionalism views the society as comprising the different sections working in unison (Holmwood, 2005) while conflict theory envisions a society where the interest of people and groups have a power completion (Bystrova & Gottschalk, 2015). This essay aims to illustrate the occurrence and the impact of law on white-collar criminals regarding the functionalist and conflict perspectives. In our modern world, there are different types of crime whose legal and societal explanation relies on the availability of sound information based on both facts. In the normal functioning of the community, each possesses essential skills and abilities

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