The Impact Of Life Coaching On The Goal Attainment, Mental Health And Well Being Of The Peoples

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In recent years, life coaching has emerged as a new psychological concept to provide individuals overall successful personal and professional life. The life coaching is gaining mainstream recognition to help people to achieve their goals and to improve joy and happiness in life. The purpose of this research is to identify the impact of life coaching on the goal attainment, mental health and well being of the peoples. The results have proven that person who takes life coaching are more capable to attain their goals and increased mental stability, and overall joy in their life against those individuals who do not receive it.

Life Coaching
The life coaching is the way of helping people to achieve their highest level of desired goals or happiness and fulfillment. There has been very little heard or discuss about the concept of life coaching because it is a very recent phenomenon almost emerged during last two decades. However, the concept of coaching is not very new it has always been there in every field, be it sports, education, companies and many more. The coaching is a process which helps people to maintain a positive approach about moving towards their goals. The life coaching helps to bridge the gap between peoples ' dreams and their life. It is a special branch of psychotherapy, that aims to motivate and help people to make better decisions and create those environments that supports their overall well being. The life coaching…
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