The Impact Of Media And The Impacts Of Social Media

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Aaron Hanson Mrs Sharifian American Government 20 October 2017 The Impacts of Social Media Social media is a vast network of connections that provide instant communication of information’s from across the globe. This includes news, file sharing, opinions sharing, life sharing and so forth. One single click can reach to millions of people who can instantly get notified of an occurring situation and other important updates. One can come to believe with this power, to have yourself the opportunity to be heard and share your thoughts on topics without physical restraints, that there are no risks that can be involved. In fact, more so than the real world, the internet and its social media webpages should be taken more seriously and with more attention because with such power, too comes great responsibility. Now with so many people, from so many different backgrounds, all having different opinions, and all having different things that can, to them, be considered offensive, we must come to the conclusion that what we put out there on the web will be looked at and judged upon by all these differing people, raising the risk of a chance someone may get offended. Since this is the case, it is clear that we must, when using the wide web, lay down boundaries, build up our filters, and restrain ourselves from the convenience of this new privilege regardless of the first ammendment. We can start with a set of best practices to improve upon our “internettique” to determine whether we, or

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