The Effects Of Social Media On Society Today

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These researchers were determined to find out if the fear of missing out (FOMO) correlates directly with the use of social media in society today. There have been many concerns raised regarding the over engagement of social media sites by young adults and adolescents today and the effects this use may have on their mental health and general functioning. This paper is organized according to trends that were identified in the findings of some of the reviewed scholarly sources. Definiton You, the reader, may be asking yourself, what exactly is the fear of missing out? The fear of missing out also known as FOMO, is that uneasy and sometimes consuming feeling that you’re missing out . That others are doing, know about or in possession of…show more content…
Mostly all of the participants filled out a basic demographic questionnaire giving information and details about their gender, race, age, background, and makeup. All of the research groups made it a mission to find a diverse group of individuals to study and ensure that they all had differing backgrounds in order to get an accurate representation of what is going on for all members of this generation. Perspective In the past couple of years there has been a lot of research looking to find a correlation between social media use and the fear of missing out. Before social media became such an epidemic the fear of missing out and anxiety were not such a prevalent issue. Findings of a negative association between self worth and the use of social media are offering a new insight into mental health. These findings are giving caregivers an opportunity to offer patients a diagnosis as well as help if they come in struggling with similar issues. Developing Trends in Ongoing FOMO Research Social Media Use The most common thread throughout all of these researchers articles is the use of social media. Baker, Krieger, and LeRoy express that “FOMO relates to social media use both in its experience thus, research on social media use is important to consider in the current investigation.” With the rapid popularity gain and
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