The Impact Of Modern Day Internet On Our Daily Lives Essay

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HExecutive Summary
If we go back to history, two decades ago, people used primitive message boards or emails to talk to one another and a business would communicate via text-ads or pop-ups on search engine/directory like Yahoo. (Bolman, 2015, Para 4) Then in 1997, two Stanford Ph.D. students invented an algorithm named PageRank. The PageRank calculated the importance of the website based on how often other sites would link to it. Later, with the introduction of ‘Google,’ the first wave of technology began. This invention put the modern day internet in motion. (Bolman, 2015, Para 5) This essay paper is about the modern day internet and the technological uses in our daily lives. This paper will take a closer look at how we communicate on the internet and discusses about the major network building blocks and their functions, including some vulnerabilities associated with the internet software applications.

How we communicate on the internet
In 1969, DOD’s ARPA (Advanced Research Project Agency) began an effort to develop redundant and survivable strategic communication architecture. (APUS, n.d., Week 1 Lesson) This DOD attempt gave birth to Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/Internet Protocol (IP). TCP /IP soon found its widespread uses in the web and many networking applications (because they were very reliable and effective). TCP/IP made “web-enabled” devices possible. In addition, TCP/IP would connect to the internet (if desired) for remote

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