The Impact Of Motivation On An Organization 's Development

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Motivation is what drives people to succeed and reach their goals. This plays an important role in enhancing an organisation’s development. An employee’s motivation can play a big part in organisational behaviour, as it is a fundamental part of how the employee performs in their role and how they assist the organisation in attaining their goals.
Self-interest is defined as: “focus on actions or activities that are advantageous to an individual or organisation. For a business or individual to survive and grow, a degree of self-interest is necessary. When there is too much focus on self-interest the benefits of the group at large diminishes.” (
Motivation on the other hand is referred to as: “the forces within a person that affect the direction, intensity and persistence of voluntary behaviour. Motivated employees are willing to exert a particular level of effort (intensity), for a certain amount of time (persistence), towards a particular goal (direction). Motivation is one of the four essential drivers of individual behaviour and performance”. (McShane, 2013, pg. 138). In other words, motivation is in the form of things that stimulates us, and further enhances our knowledge. People do things, not because they have to, but because they’re somewhat interested in the activity or the task that they have to do, and people often learn from these activities, get the results that they want, thus, making them strive to continue working.
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