Group Behavior and Process

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MTG/331 How do groups become a high performance team:

Stressing the importance of a clear and elevating goal in performance of an effective team. Goal clarity is a specific performance objective, phrased in such concrete language that it is possible to tell, unequivocally, whether or not that performance objective has been attained challenging and that it makes a difference. Possibly be the most important component of an effectively functioning team, it appears to be even more critical for a team. a team member need to understand much more so than co-located teams what goal they are working towards because they may be working in such different areas, and in some cases in different
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It may also lead people to search for ways of changing how they do things. The conflict resolution process can ultimately be a stimulus for

positive change within an organization. However, conflict may also have serious negative effects on an organization. For example conflict may divert effort from goal.

Motivation theories apply to groups:

Motivation is a way in which we gear our selves or to reach a goal, success. Motivation is used

in every case. A good first step toward understanding the best way to motivates is to ask what do

people want from their job? We might answer money, power , but really it is very difficult to

judge because depending on individual values and beliefs, we are not all motivated by the same

things to the same degree. Managers need to be aware that the things that motivate them may

not necessarily motivate their employees. Motivation is a concept use to describe the factors

within a person which arouse, maintain and channel behaviour toward a goal. It is the removal

of obstacles to good work it inspire the group to work harder to achieve their goal. Motivation is

a means to reduce and manipulate the gap betweenindividual 's actual state and some desired

Demographic characteristic and cultural diversity on group behavior:

Managers have to understand cultural differences in their workplace. If cultural
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