The Impact Of Online Video Games

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Production relates to the network of organizations, with different roles to play in the release of the online video games, combining their production processes to come up with the games. The production activities involve software development, hardware production, graphics and genre innovation, and mobile phone integration (De Prato, Feijóo and Simon 8). All these production activities will determine the quality of the product released to the retailers and final consumers (gamers). A more developed production process that includes advanced technologies and efficient production layouts will determine the quantity produced, thereby influencing whether or not the supply will be sufficient for the users. There are above 1.8 billion …show more content…

The monopolistic market structure brought by the online gaming sector procuring similar end products that are differentiated and do not have perfect substitutes. It can be said that the market affects the gaming industry by determining the number of users or gamers that will play the games, which in turn influence the expansion and growth of the industry.
The governments create and enact different laws, regulations, and policies to control this emerging industry. The legislation and policies could limit operational hours of internet cafes. Moreover, the governments provide addiction prevention programs and connect them with the professional human resource. The nature and content of the online games are also monitored by different governmental agencies. What is more, the registration, approval, and licensing mechanisms of the games and online gaming companies are enforced by the governments. All these steps that are taken by the governments to ensure that the online gaming sector meets the required standards of operation and does not adversely impact the user affect the industry in several ways, including the graphics and genre included in the produced games (Ng and Wiemer-Hastings 113). Besides, the support from the government also augments the innovation and research and development processes initiated by the industry, which affects their success.
Section II: Roles and Opportunities of Entities
The firms should play future roles in ensuring that

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