The Impact Of School Lunches On The World

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“School lunches taste so bad,” Max complained from the table behind me, eyeing his chicken burger with disgust. “I can’t wait to go home and eat real food.

I gripped my chicken burger slightly harder and continued eating, savoring the tangy barbeque sauce and warm chicken patty. My stomach thanked me for the nourishment but grumbled for more food, knowing that this was probably my only meal of the day. Subsidized school lunches gave a hot meal to look forward to on days when my parents worked until late night or lacked money.


Cocooned in my blankets, I drowned out the sound of my parents’ arguing with earbuds blasting soft, indie music. Their abrasive words filled the air, bickering because my older brother was failing out of high school, our family always didn’t have enough money, and my dad was just caught cheating on my mom with her best friend for the past 6 years.
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I fell for STEM like Augustus fell for Hazel – slowly, and then all at once – when I started high school. Starting off as a flirtationship, I took Honors Biology and Geometry freshman year. By the end of senior year, I had taken and loved AP Computer Science, Calculus BC, and Physics I - they made me look forward to school.

However, it was glaringly obvious that in a school of 3200 people, I was one of the only females in my STEM classes and interested in becoming an engineer. Los Osos High School had zero clubs for olympiads or engineering, so I started the first Engineering Club and High SChool.

Today, I’m the only student to ever to attend MIT from my high
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