The Impact Of Social Determinants Of Health

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to genetics an ethnic group may be more prone to developing CVD. African American men and women are 30 percent more likely to die from CVD. Additionally, Native Americans have a 36 percent chance of dying from CVD before the age of 65 versus 17 percent in the overall US population (, 2017). Additionally, diabetes a risk factor for the development of CVD is more prevalent in Blacks, Hispanics, and Native American populations. Another host characteristic on the development of CVD is marital status. Studies have shown that people who are married have lower rates of several CVD diseases when compared with individuals who are single, divorced, or widowed (Casteel, 2014). Married people are five percent less likely to develop …show more content…

Social determinants are highly interrelated thus, making them difficult to precisely classify. Hence, the main categories that will be focused on for this assessment are socioeconomic, race and ethnicity, social support, access to medical care, and residential environments. This breakdown of social determinants, I feel is adequate to develop an interpretation of the problem of CVD on a global scale. Socioeconomic position may be defined as the factors that an individual possesses within the structure of society. Relations or determination of a socioeconomic group are largely determined by material circumstances, or relations to groups who control economic production. Typically, members of advantaged groups control resources, thus other groups become disadvantaged. This leads to an unequal distribution between the haves and have nots. Studies have shown that economically disadvantaged individuals, especially disadvantaged youth are at greater risk for developing CVD (Ali, et al, 2011). Typically, individuals at lower income levels display characteristics and or behavioral patterns that are consistent for proximal behavior. Furthermore, economically disadvantaged have less access to material, information, and resources that may positively affect health outcomes through health related awareness and behaviors. On a global stage

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