The Impact Of Social Media Impact On Body Image

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Kelsey Hibberd, author of “Does Social Media Impact on Body Image?” states that television and magazines are the ones who normally portray the perfect ideal body image, but to her social media has more effect to the way someone feels and see’s their body image. Kelsey did not like her middle school. Kelsey knew she would be bullied on Facebook about the way she looked. When Kelsey was in her adolescence she could barely handle the comments people made about her image. Kelsey was taller than most kids and chubby. She would constantly worry about her facial features. In her mind, everything was about her image to others. Eventually, Kelsey did not want to eat and changed her image dying her hair. Kelsey started talking to other teens and teacher in schools about body image. She teaches them the hazards of having a lot of friends on Facebook and consequences of comparing themselves to others. Twitter, Facebook, apps, WhatsApp, are some of the social media used for people to interact with each other at any time. Kelsey thinks that social media makes it easy to know so much about others life’s and spread their appearance. She claims body image affects all ages, even as young as five. Another campaign called “Be Real: Body Confidence for Everyone” tries to change people’s mind about how they perceive their self. On Social media, the photographs are not always truthful. Pictures can be changed to enhance the way someone looks. Dr. Diedrichs asked children to raise their hands if
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