The Impact Of Technology On Human Development And Family Development

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The influence of social media and the boom in technology has effected human interaction and face to face socialization immensely over the years. Today, a large part of the communication that occurs between people, happens over text messages and social media innately influencing younger generations and their methods of interactions (Kim, Wang & Oh, 2016). Children’s social development is influenced immensely by this reliance on technology and constant use of technology to socialize creating a barrier in communication through human interaction (Lin, Chang & Chiou, 2017). The growth of technology though beneficial, also negates various risks, and will only continue to further change the way humans communicate with each other. A large part of Human Development and Family Studies involves human interaction and interaction processes and how these processes effect and change throughout various developmental stages. Children's first interactions mainly involve family relations, and then upon entrance to secondary schooling, children make friends and form relationships outside of the family (Okeeffe, & Clarke-Pearson, 2011). The technology boom has reflected a change in dynamic, children receive smartphones at very young ages, and upon entrance to school already have the function of communication through social media or gaming sites (Okeeffe, & Clarke-Pearson, 2011). The reality of new technologies reflect a tendency for children to be less involved in playing outside with friends

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