The Impact Of Technology On Society

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As the movie Star Wars was a colossal hit of the generation X, technology has been welcomed amongst the current generation; generation Z, of which myself is included. Star Wars has gone away as generations have passed, but technology is not leaving. Technology is here to stay, in the long run, technology will only further advance. Technology has made a presence everywhere. Computers are used for a majority of tasks in schools no matter the age of the students, of those who own a watch, a majority of the time have touchscreen smart watches, Adults and teenagers stare at their phones, and three year olds play a game on their iPads. In recent times, there were only landline phones, but those who had one did not have their life based around their phone. Also, when technology began to advance, only those who are at a greater age had these technological devices. In the twenty-first century, technologies popularity has a greater rank than ever before. Phones are used for everything; games, social media, google, calculators, calendars, camera, phone calls, and texting. As technology has become popular in not only the United States, societies behaviors have changed. This rapid growth of technology is showing major concerns to this generation of young citizens, myself included.
To initiate, technology in general, whether television, cell phones, tablets, or computers are all making society lazy. With lazy being defined as being unwilling to work or complete a task or activity. One

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