The Impact Of Teleworking On Physical And Mental Health

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Teleworking is a common means of urban transportation demand management by eliminating or redistributing the business trips, but its impacts on society shouldn 't be neglected. In this study, impacts of teleworking on physical and mental health of teleworkers are analyzed. In order to this, a sample of working people of New York City is used to develop statistical models. Discrete choice approach in general and binary probit model in particular is selected for the statistical modeling and eight different models are developed. Obesity is selected as a criterion for physical health and six different mental characteristics, in addition to a general criterion, are used to describe mental health status. The model results show that …show more content…

Other solutions try to manage the demand by reducing or redistributing it, that are known as Travel Demand Management (TDM) solutions. One of these solutions is teleworking, which is a method to reduce the transportation demand (1).
Teleworking is the elimination of or shortening the business trips and is applicable to the careers that employees ' jobs can be done without their presence in the usual workplace. The employees, instead of attending the workplace, do their job from their home or a place close to it, one, a few days or all of a business week (2). Based on (3), approximately 80 percent of the teleworkers use their own private cars to commute to work when they have to attend their workplace. So, a prominent number of business trips won 't take place, or at least their distance decreases, and consequently not only the traffic congestion decreases, but also it results in the reduction of the fuel consumption and the adverse environmental effects of transportation (4). In a lot of studies the effects of teleworking on transportation system are evaluated, and majority of them, e.g. (5), (6) and (7), have found out that teleworking results in the reduction of the number of the traffic peak-hour trips due to the reduction of number of business trips and the shifting of a prominent portion of traffic peak-hour trips to off-peak hours.
In addition to the positive effects of this policy on the traffic state, teleworking improves the performance of the teleworkers

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