The Impact Of The Employee Free Choice Act

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When making the decision on the topic for the research paper that is required for this class, I struggled, so I just picked one of the listed ideas for paper topics. Prior to this class I never really knew, or for that matter, kept up with labor laws or the different types of acts that helped employees and/or the employers. I have always worked for companies that do not have unions so in turn it never interested me. With that said, this class has started me in the right direction on getting up to date on the laws and acts that are still in place today along with laws and acts that are trying to become. Since my best friend is in law enforcement and is part of the union she has also helped educate me a bit about unions and how the labor …show more content…

First off I think that if the Employee Free Choice Act were to be passed then it would completely restructure years of carefully crafted labor laws that have assisted the unions and employers. These laws and acts have been in place for years, why try and fix something that is not broke, or is it broken? I understand that in today’s world there are fewer companies that are unionized, but having these laws and acts in place and they are still working, they should just be left alone. I feel that if the Employee Free Choice Act were to be passed I would help and or hurt both parties, the employers and the employees. Another opinion of why the Employee Free Choice Act had not been approved is how this act will change the employer-dominated representation process. As of right now, the employers are allowed to coerce and intimated the employees by pressuring them, in turn influencing their choices. Why would the House and the Senate of the United State Congress want to help out the little guys? The Employee Free Choice Act would help make bargaining for the employees more on the fair side. Employees would not feel threatened to stand up for what the feel and believe is better for them. They would be able to stand up and fight for what they want without being pressured for their choice to be treated better, fair wages for the working individual or any other demands the employees feel are

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