The Impact Of The Environment On The Environment

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Humanity is slowly discovering new diseases, infections, and deadly illnesses. Researchers blame genetics and how it is passed down from generation to generation through shared chromosomes. If they don't blame genetics they blame the adaptation of species or the animals consumed by the population. However, these animals carry what they consume: plants, insects, water, oxygen, and any other animal the predators consume. People eat the meat, the vegetables, and breathe the oxygen that the trees let out during photosynthesis, the food chain is being disrupted because of the impact that the humans have on the ecosystem and vice versa. The realistic view of what is happening is that citizens are innovating having the tendency to litter, industries are being created causing pollution and oil spills, malls are being made while parks and forests are being cut down for parking. With this said, the ecosystem is, in reality, the reason for the diseases affecting human health. As the environment changes in the community, the human species struggle to adapt and accommodate themselves because of pollution in the air, land, and water causing problems such as Cancer, Asthma, and other diseases. Although the environment impacts human health, the human community is also having a drastic impact on the environment because of gentrification, innovation, and accommodation.
The impact that the environment has on human health is just as drastic as humanity having an impact on the environment. In

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