The Importance Of Environmental Issues On The Environment

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The United States and the world are starting to encounter lots of complicated environmental problems that all stem from human influence. Humans have been abusing our environment and have been carelessly taking its resources. It’s absurd for people not to have greater concern when its comes to how we are treating our environment. Climate change is real, pollution is real, and lots of plant and animal species are diminishing at an alarming rate; furthermore, this issue can improve substantially if we start making some better, more ethical decisions. We should not only be concerned with our own lives, but we should be thinking about how our actions toward the environment will affect our children and how it affects other species on this planet. Making decisions that will prevent environmental destruction are quite important if we want to continue thriving as a species. We need to become better at coexisting on this planet, because if we keep ravaging the environment like we're doing, there will be nothing left destroy. Our current consumption will start to take a grander toll on our climate, thus causing even more problems; therefore, it is important we address this issue now and don’t brush off the decisions that are causing our environment to crumble. We need to take action before it gets any worse because I think we are rapidly getting closer to a point where irreversible damage to our planet will ultimately induce our own demise as a species. Although, it seems clear to

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