The Impact Of The Transcontinental Railroad

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The transcontinental railroad, one monumental part of America's history. This railroad helped push the idea of westward expansion and improved the way settlers lived. Once the railroad was done, settlers in America could shorten a travel time of 6 weeks to 6 days. The railroad also improved the economy for the settlers, as they could ship goods to places across the country. Although this does seems like a dream come true, for every positive there is a negative. Settlers did benefit greatly from the railroad, but for some other groups it was a struggle. In the end Native americans were kicked out of there land, Chinese immigrants and other workers were overworked and underpaid, and the environment and animals living in it started to be killed off. When the british first came to america, they realised they were not the only ones there. Native americans have been here from the beginning. Once the british started colonising, Native Americans realised that they had to defend their land. Years later, during the building of the transcontinental railroad, Native Americans were again forced to defend their land. During the building of the railroad, the government made a treaty to Native Americans saying that railroad surveyor would not go onto Native AMerican land. After this treaty was put into place, one company in charge of building the railroad sent a surveyor to plan the railroad. This person went throught the unceded Native American land (Doc 2) to find a path to
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