The Impact of Bioligical Weapons on Human and their Environment

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How do biological weapons work and how do they affect humans/environment? A biological weapon is a disease, bacteria, germs, or microorganisms. Although back in the day the very first biological weapons were not bacteria or germs that were altered they were just contaminating the enemies resources to weaken them and to make them more vulnerable.(More Facts About Biological Weapons) These former forms of biological warfare were intended to just be a strategy to be able to win the war. Later on the biological weapons evolved and they soon became plagues. One of these incidents was in the 14th century plague pandemic were more than 25 million Europeans died. There was also an incident were they used the dead bodies of soldiers that were infected and they catapulted them into the enemy ranks, this was in Karolstein in 1422.(Biological Warfare and Bioterrorism) There is now a Biological Weapons convention that bans the research and the use of biological weapons which entered in force in 1975.(Crime of War) Biological Weapons are just a way to make the enemy suffer and struggle during the war so that they could be weakened trying to worry about their problems. What one of the most popular biological warfare agents that there is around is the agent called Anthrax. There are different types of anthrax that have many different effects on the body. For example there is a anthrax on the skin that the infection begins when the spores enter the skin through small cuts or any type of

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