The Impact of Diversity Programs at the Workplace

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The Impact of Diversity Programs at the Workplace University Name Paper Outline: The Impact of Diversity Programs at the Workplace 1. Introduction: Current business practices Importance of human capital Diversity defined: "Diversity refers to the differences of cultures, races, nationalities, religious beliefs, ethnic groups, sexual orientation, age, economic backgrounds, and other personality and interpersonal attributes between employees in the same organization." 2. Diversity Programs: Importance of Diversity Programs: Diversity management a critical issue for business organizations Improve the organizational productivity through its human resources 3. Impacts of Diversity Programs at the workplace: Positive impacts: Improve the employee performance and overall organizational productivity Negative impacts: bring a number of issues and challenges which can raise unwanted incidents at the workplace Advantages and Positive Impacts: Creativity and Innovation: Current employees work with people who have diverse experience in different business environments Come up with creative ideas to resolve the organizational issues Provide solutions by giving different viewpoints and recommendations Better Marketing Efforts: Learn how to deal with diverse kinds of customers Conduct customer surveys Analyze the changing consumer preferences Provide better solutions to the organization's marketing issues Effective Execution of
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