Unit 2 Health And Social Care Essay

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L.O: Understand concepts of equality, diversity and rights in relation to health and social care
D1: Analyse the benefits of understanding diversity in relation to health and social care
Diversity is something described between the differences of two individuals. Diversity means that all individuals showed be respected and valued, therefore you must be aware of the individual’s differences and must not barricade the way they have been cared for. It is you knowing and looking after an individual with full understanding of the difference in their personal characteristics. It is also when you encourage those differences and use them in different cohesive communities and in an effective work force. It is important that you recognise that each …show more content…

There may be Practitioners or care workers that may not understand the beliefs and religions, and the likes and dislikes of other individuals in order to empower them. This is because clients and service users should be able to practice any type of religion or culture they believe in without them feeling as if another person will treat them differently and they won’t be valued. If the care worker or practitioner has no knowledge of that individuals belief they could go on an anti-discriminatory cause or any other cause which can teach them diversity and how everyone should be treated as themselves with full understanding of their personal characteristics. This will stop any difficulties or problems from happening in the health and social care setting, it will bring out a much more positive effect as the practitioners and under individuals present will have full understanding of another service user therefore they are able to value and respect them in the way they should at all times. An example of this may be there is a Lebanese woman in the care home, she is only allowed to eat halal meat therefore the care worker had informed the cook in the care home in order for the service user to be respected and in order for their needs to be met efficiently, this will

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