The Impact of Media on Teens

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The media’s impact has a way of shaping the teenage mind in a ways that are very effective to their behavior. This behavior is not just seen with teens that live in harsh neighborhoods. These behaviors are seem in teens everywhere from every background and culture. Violence in today’s society is looked at as such a normal thing but it really has a huge effect on the violence that teenager encounter as well as a change in their cultural beliefs. Teen culture is changing in big ways as the media continues to provide more ways to show and encourage violence. The impact of the media’s view on violent crimes has a strong impact on teen culture and teen violence. Teens are learning and adapting to the ways of being more violent regardless of there background due to the impact of the medias influence. The media pushes violent throughout all aspects. Even kid’s television shows that are for entertainment purposes display sometime of violence unless it is educational. The media does not just influence violence through television shows but it is encouraged through the uses of video games, music, and movies. This influence that the media hold is more likely seen in teenagers. Teens are more likely to be pressured to go shoot up a school because they believe that it will solve the answer to their bullying situation or it will change the that they might not have much but the fear over others gives them more power than they could ask for. The teen group is a sufficient group because

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