The Impact of Pericles in the City of Athens Essay

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Imagine a general of immense wealth, integrity, and great perverseness. This description fits a certain person well: Pericles. Pericles was a brave man, and he did things to the best of his abilities. He was born a wealthy child, and of course used this to his advantage. He honestly thought that he could have a big impact on the city of Athens and maybe even the entire world. He have thought this way because, “His father Xanthippus had himself been a military commander for Athens at the battle of Mycale in 479 B.C. Pericles name in Greek means 'Surrounded by Glory' and as is evident that was certainly to come true for Pericles was he became an influential statesman for Athens during The Peloponnesian War until his death in 429B.C.” …show more content…

Cimon was also young, good-looking, and the darling of the old but influential aristocratic class,”(Nardo 30). One of the biggest risks he took while campaigning against him was trying to remove from it completely so that he had no competition. “But, he then realized, that would require opposing the nobles and backing the commoners,” (Nardo 30). This was a risk, of course, that Pericles was willing to take. Eventually, he didn’t end up killing or taking Cimon out of it, but he did stop him from getting any farther than he did. This caused Pericles to become a part-time general, which upset him because Cimon and the rest of the aristocrats were so successful. “But Pericles saw that men like Cimon, Themistocles, and his own father, had made names for themselves through distinguished military service. So, from about 472 B.C.Eto 466 B.C.E., he took part in a number of military expeditions,”(Nardo 41). These expeditions allowed Pericles to make a name for himself and he was elected stategos for the first time. All his political accomplishments were achieved by his drive to win but also his willingness to take risks, which made him an efficient risk-taker.

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The idea of leadership has been around for centuries. Ever since the beginning there has always been a sense of who is on top and who is not. On a similar note, a leader is somebody who people follow or somebody who guides or directs others.

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