The Impact of Technology on Education

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The Impact of Technology on Education 16 Introduction Higher education is undergoing a radical shift from localized, teacher-centered, face-to-face courses to student-centered online and hybrid courses offered by global universities. The traditional delivery of education is being supplemented and replaced by digital education models. The proliferation of information on the Web, the proliferation of instructional systems vendors, and the burden on faculty to design hybrid courses threaten the quality of digital learning. The literature on instructional quality and pedagogy as applied to e-learning and distance education is growing by leaps and bounds as teachers explore the burgeoning array of options. The hybrid education lexicon remains complex, with educators and students alike working to sort it all out, debating about and utilizing the established taxonomies of digitally-based educational models. A dominant concern is how to refine faculty training in course redesign and institutional support in order to foster the development of quality contemporary education. The Constellation of Change The configuration of teaching and learning is undergoing a sea-change. There exists now a constellation of technological options that can be applied to education and that is constantly changing. Changes instructional approaches reflect the rapid shifts in technology. And rivers of information are available to instructors, students, and designers of instruction constantly in

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