The Impact on a Student's Performance from a Highly Effective Teacher

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Consider a student running so swiftly from boarding house to school for his/her class. And in the time that he/she is right there in front of the door, the teacher welcome him with an eyes wide open and uttered, “Did I ever fail to tell you not to enter my class if you are late even in a single minute?” And the pitiful student left with nothing but a teary eyes. As you put your shoe to the students’ situation, what would you feel? Will you feel discouraged or will you take it as a challenge not to be late again? Supporting to that, this paper aims to appeal who are these teachers are and their effectiveness on enhancing the students learning,the pros and cons of a high standard teacher, and the feedbacks of the students once handled by a high standard teacher. To implement this study, the method to be used is by interviewing some students once handled by a high standard teacher. We will know how and what do they think and feel whenever these teachers enter to the classroom and how these happenings affect their performance on that particular subject. Education is considered as learning itself. In education, a teacher has its own way to make it profound, realistic, and a peculiar one. This may vary from person-to-person or from teacher-to-teacher. Moreover, learning is a two way process. There is an interaction between the educator and the learner. In every learning condition, you have to consider the barriers also, and such barriers includes high

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