The Impacts of Cyber Warfare

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Society has become ever-increasingly dependent upon technology, more specifically, computers to conduct personal and business transactions and communications. Consequently, criminals have targeted these systems to conduct information and cyber warfare, which can include politically motivated attacks and to profit through ill-gotten means. In an article written by Koblentz and Mazanec (2013), cyber warfare is the act of disabling an enemy’s ability to use or obtain information, degrade its ability to make decisions, and to command its military forces. Additionally, information warfare is composed of cyber warfare and related to the protection, disruption, destruction, denial, or manipulation of information in order to gain a benefit …show more content…
The information security practitioners administer and operate security measures to mitigate and/or thwart security incidents by cyber criminals. Security incidents created by cyber criminals may cause differing levels of economic, political, or social impacts, in which this section will articulate the risk. According to Hua and Bapna (2013), cyber warfare may substantially affect the economic, political, and societal functions of a society.
The increasing use of information technology by the world’s population has spouted cyber criminals to implement directed tactics on various entities to gain rewards such as ill-gotten financial rewards. Individuals up to including states conduct and are on the opposite end of cyber warfare tactics and the risks associated with them. The information security practitioner should understand economic risks from cyber warfare that include items such as attacking critical infrastructures of a country, media networks, and financial institutions. A poignant real-life example of the economic risks involved with cyber warfare was the effects attributed to a cyber-attack on the country of Estonia by an unknown attacker. The 2007 cyber-attack on Estonia left the Estonian people unable to inform other countries of its attack due to the cyber-attack striking critical infrastructure nodes of the

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