The Impacts of Facebook's 2009 Privacy Changes

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IT 210 - Business Systems Analysis and Design Introduction
The privacy of human being has drastically changed with the advent of internet. On a scale of 1 to 10, the privacy of an internet user is a -1 or may be less. Social Networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace etc are mainly responsible for this privacy leakage. This short paper is dedicated to review the change of privacy policy by Facebook on December 2009 and its impact on public privacy and security.
Review of the case
Facebook was experimenting with the privacy setting since mid of 2009 and finally implemented it on December 2009. One of the biggest impact of this policy change is the friend list of an individual can’t be private. There are many more privacy issues that are associated with this change of policy. To be a master of this changed policy is not a child play as it is almost 6000 word long. There are 50 settings and the number of potions is more than 170. Chris Betcher points out: “The most recent changes made to their privacy policy have made the sharing of your personal information ‘opt-out’, rather than the previous method of ‘opt-in’. This means that, unless you wade through the many privacy settings to turn them off, you are probably sharing far more than you realise.” ("Bye Bye Facebook | Betchablog"). This opt-out way of information sharing can be very dangerous. This information can be used for ‘Identity theft’ purpose of an individual. Facebook has made some changes

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